The Innovation Centre is a business hub at the corner of Doyle and Ellis in the heart of Kelowna's Cultural District.  

Our state-of-the-art building houses everything from solopreneurs (one-person start-ups) to large technology and innovation firms.  Publicly-supported space and services are also available for early-stage companies, non-profits, community groups, and social enterprises. For a full list of who's in the building, please check out our company directory. The goal of the Innovation Centre is to help build Canada's most innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial technology community.


The idea for The Innovation Centre was conceived right here in the Okanagan by a group of local entrepreneurs and community & civic leaders. They were influenced in part by the purposeful designs of the Pixar, Apple, and Google campuses, where folks can come to their office and be inspired to do the best work of their lives, surrounded by intentional design, natural light, and a thriving sense of community. 


We love watching people walk into the Innovation Centre for the first time because they always do the same thing: look up! Upon entering, you're struck by a magnificent white staircase and a mezzanine that wraps each floor of the building. There are actually a number of reasons that that staircase exists! 1) It encourages unplanned collisions between individuals; you can see from floor to floor and are more likely to connect with someone 2) It encourages you to take the stairs by the simple fact that you see them before you see the elevator 3) It's just so pretty! Check out our Instagram feed to see what a stunning backdrop this staircase really is.

The designers also looked to incorporate as much nature as possible in the space; bringing the outside inside. You can see that in the wooden signs throughout the atrium, the wood doors, plants, and, of course, our living wall! The living wall is made up of over 2000 plants and increases the air quality in the building; it also makes for a dream photo backdrop for your next selfie.


Design and functionality were not the only factors considered in the construction of the Innovation Centre. Another one of our top priorities was environmental sustainability. We have an incredible amount of natural light in the building, which comes from the skylight in the atrium, utilizing the maximum amount of windows on the exterior, and using glass for interior walls as much as possible. This natural light allows us to dim the electrical lights in all common areas! We also have a high efficiency boiler, and a heating a cooling system that uses efficient systems to heat and cool outside air. 


Our state-of-the art theatre has become a popular event space for the Okanagan community. With comfy seats, wireless microphones, a 20 foot projection screen, and stunning surround sound, we make it easy for you to just plug-and-play. Head to our bookings page to see more details, availability, and request to book

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