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Suite 201


Accelerate Okanagn is an accelerator that provides mentorship and coaching to technology companies across the Okanagan Valley.                  


Suite 202


Okanagan College has two classrooms on the second floor of the Innovation Centre where they run their animation program.


Suite 203


The UBC Innovation Hub is a space for UBC students and faculty who are starting businesses can come and access space and resources for their company. 

Suite 301


Compass Cannabis Clinics headquarters are located on the third floor of the Innovation Centre.They believe in simplifying the medicinal cannabis process, so that consumers can access the medicine they need. They support patients who are looking to learn about medical cannabis and how it may help them.

Suite 303


Interior Savings IT department has their office in the Innovation Centre. They are a local credit union committed to providing financial support to their members as well as giving back to communities across the interior of British Columbia

Suite 304


Valley First has a "hotel office" in the Innovation Centre, where their employees from across the Okanagan Valley can have a space in downtown Kelowna. 


Suite 305


Tonit is an app for motorcycle riders. Their app tracks your rides and allows you to connect with other riders. It is helping to connect the motorcycle community across BC, Canada, and the world. 

Suite 306


BDC supports Canadian start-ups through low interest loans and business support. 

Suite 405


Hatch Interior Design is a group of incredbily talented interior designers who designed so many spaces in the Innovation Centre, including Solstice Yoga, Tonit, and Perch Cafe. 

Suite 406


Solstice Yoga has a stunning studio on the southwest corner of the 4th floor overlooking the lake. They offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes.  

Suite 403


Lawson Lundell is a law firm that has been a huge supporter of the tech & start-up community here in the Okanagan. 

Suite 505


Bananatag is a communication software that tracks email for internal communication and sales teams. 

Suite 602


Twirling Umbrellas is marketing agency that does everything from helping companies create a brand identity (colours, fonts, logos) to building custom websites, and everything in between. 

Suite 603


Fresh Grade is an education software/app used in many Canadian schools. It is an assessment tool that facilitates communication between parents, teachers, and students. The app also allows students to build a portfolio of their work. 

Suite 604


Pela is working towards a waste free world for our planet by reducing the amount of plastic created. They are starting this mission with a phone case that composts in 6 months to 2 years.